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Department Mission Statement

The Ontario Women’s Ministries recognizes, affirms, and encourages each women’s personal faith journey with Jesus. We are to serve and provide opportunities for girls and women to develop their God-given giftedness and equip them not only as leaders for the planet but as champions for the Kingdom. Together, let us discover the joy it is to ‘ fan into the flame the gift of God which is in you.’ 2 Timothy 1:6 Women’s Ministries want to cultivate a culture of sisterhood in Christ, where we uplift and inspire one another to live in harmony and ignited in ministry. Our Godly purpose is to be a safe space for healing, restoration, growth, and motivation for women of all ages in our province. May the women of the Ontario Conference always know that they are CC’d Conference Cared.

Department Initiatives

Salt Sisters

Salt Sisters is an initiative created for girls and young women ages 12-18. It is a leadership movement designed to encourage, inspire and mentor young christian females to grow their God given talents and abilities. They will also be learning to align with other girls as a united sisterhood in Christ.

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