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About The Department

Evangelism plays a key role in the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Christ’s Great Commission instructs us to share with others the love of Jesus and hope of a life without sin. To make evangelism as effective as possible, the Ontario Conference Church Growth Department helps churches grow by supporting the local churches, ministries, and work of the pastors and local church leaders.


Please click the links below to download the PDF documents:

CP Handout (PDF)
CPR Handout (PDF)
CPRE Handout (PDF)
CPR-E Handouts - CPR-E (PDF)
CPR-E Handouts emm - EMM Network-Small Group (PDF)
EMM Network Handout (PDF)
Holistic Small Group Handout (PDF)
Oikos Handout (PDF)
Person of Peace Handout (PDF)