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Re: Canadian Adventist Ministries of Compassion Offering – December 11, 2021 Dear Leaders, Sabbath, December 11, 2021, has been set aside specifically for Ministries of Compassion Offering to be collected.  The Ministries of Compassion offering is significant because it is the primary funding source for community service projects in Ontario. As we struggle as a society with the impact of COVID 19, these funds are even more essential to maintain outreach work in your communities and provide needed relief to those struggling with homelessness, job loss, financial instability, poverty and other social/culture-related challenges. We suggest that you appeal to your members to set aside a minimum of $5.00 each for this particular appeal and turn it in on Sabbath, December 11.  This offering will remain in the Conference and be set aside for YOUR local community services projects in 2022.  The more funds raised means the more funds we have to support your local community projects. Local Benefits ·         Funds available to provide more opportunities for churches to develop local initiatives to meet the growing demand for social, humanitarian, physical, and spiritual activities ·         Each church can have its unique project(s), which they can reference as receiving this offering. ·         The offering will allow churches to collaborate on joint community events, projects and activities. This offering is listed in our conference offering scheduled for 2021 as “Canadian Adventist Ministries of Compassion,” which will be collected on December 11, 2021.  In preparation for this upcoming appeal, we ask that you please a)       Vigorously promote this offering from the pulpit, and b)       Place a weekly announcement in your church bulletin from now to December 11, 2021, to advertise this offering, and c)       Request that each member commit or set aside a minimum of five dollars for this vital offering to bring on December 11, 2021. Thank you so much for being so attentive to this matter and for investing some quality time into promoting this offering. Community projects are essential to building awareness of local church activities in your community! Together we can make a difference in our communities during these challenging times. Blessings on you,