Stewardship Director, Pastor Gerry Pasikatan, Leaves Ontario to Assume Pastoral Role in Alberta

Posted: December 8th, 2022

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, the Ontario Conference Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Stewardship and Church Planting director, Pastor Gerry Pasikatan. He will be moving to Alberta where he will be a pastor for two multicultural congregations.

Since September 2017, Pastor Gerry, as everyone knows him, has served as Stewardship director for the Ontario Conference and quickly established himself as a provider of resources for Stewardship leaders. Each Friday Pastors and Stewardship directors could look forward to receiving an email with at least three different and helpful resources. However, he is able to point to the continued financial faithfulness of church members as a testimony to the value of keeping the matter of Stewardship before the church.

Arriving in Ontario on November 15, 2004, he has served several Filipino congregations. While serving as a director, he also gave pastoral supervision to Madoc and Bancroft congregations for a few months.

Pastor Gerry sees that hand of God in his transition from Ontario to Alberta where his eldest son will be enrolling in the ministerial program at Burman University next school year.

“God allows these things to happen for the good of His work,” he says. “He led me here to Ontario and these years have been a real blessing for me and for my family. This is home for us now and we love the members here in Ontario. It is with heavy hearts we leave because we have many friends here but we also trust that God has something equally good for us in the new place He is calling us to.”

Speaking of him, Pastor Edwards said, “We are truly grateful to Pastor Gerry for the service he rendered to Ontario. He has been truly faithful in his stewardship and made himself a very valuable member of our team in the office. We will definitely miss him. We know that Alberta will be better because of his ministry there. We pray for God’s riches blessings for him and his family.”

Pastor Gerry and his wife Sigrid have two sons, Kyle and Lee. They leave Ontario on December 31, 2022.

The board of directors asked the Conference administrators to take on the roles left vacant by Pasikatan’s departure. Conference president, Pastor Mansfield Edwards is now Stewardship director. Executive secretary Pastor Jakov Bibulovic, takes on Church Planting, and Treasurer Virene Meikle assumes the kingdom Builders portfolio.