SDACC Appoints OC President and Women’s Ministry Director as National Coordinators

Posted: December 8th, 2022

On November 20, 2022, the Seventh-day Adventist Board of Directors appointed Ontario Conference president, Pastor Mansfield Edwards as coordinator for Chaplain Ministries in Canada.

The board also appointed Ontario Conference Women’s Ministries director, Pastor Elizabeth Pule, as coordinator for Women’s Ministries in Canada.

Pastor Edwards has been engaged in chaplaincy services for many years. Even before being elected to his current role as president of the Ontario Conference, he has been a volunteer chaplain to the York Region Police Force. As a volunteer, he holds the honorary rank of Inspector.

Edwards will be responsible for the promotion of chaplaincy ministry in Canada. Included in his job description is the opportunity to work towards the creation of a comprehensive training system for chaplains in Canada.

“I’m honoured to be asked to serve in this additional role for our national church,” he said. “This ministry is a very important one for our church because of our call to minister to the needs of people. However, it also has the rich potential of taking us into the community, organisational and governmental levels we would not normally have access to.”

Along with her role as Women’s Ministries director, Pastor Elizabeth Pule is co-Family Ministries director with her husband, Pastor Orlando Pule. She has served in both capacities since 2017 and thoroughly enjoys working with families.

Pastor Liz, as she is often called, is deeply committed to strengthening women’s ministries in local congregations. She seeks ways to help women use their gifts to effectively engage with other women in their local communities and to disciple them.

While Pastor Liz works collectively for women, she is aware of the differing needs of younger women, giving special attention to mentoring and mental wellness.

Speaking of her new appointment, she said, “I’m humbled to know that they considered me. I hardly know where to start since our country is so huge. However, I hope to work collaboratively with the other Women’s Ministries directors to learn from each other and to provide good resources for women.

Both Edwards and Pule will continue in their current roles, giving their primary attention to their responsibilities to Ontario as they have done prior to these new appointments.