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Digital Evangelism Initiative for Children & Youth Off to a Strong Start

Posted: February 5th, 2021

In times past, the word, missionary, indicated that you left home and went to a distant land to share the gospel or engage in service projects. Today, when 60% of the world is online, you can be a missionary without even leaving your bedroom. This considered, on Sabbath, Jan. 30, 5 to 6:30 pm, Ontario Conference directorsi launched ‘Walking and Working with Jesus’ (WWWJ). WWWJ is an initiative empowering children and youth (ages 7-16) to be missionaries in our digital generation.

Up to 188 live viewers (1,008 total viewers to date) were blessed by the talents of a diverse group of young people from across Ontario. Led by young hosts Kari and Kaya (Durham Fil-Can), the launch was a celebration of our amazing youth—for children by children. The launch’s opening song was, appropriately, “I Don’t Have to Wait Until I’m Grown Up” [to be what Jesus wants me to be]. Its overarching theme was obeying God and letting Him use us however He sees fit.

Short, engaging segments included young preachers, storytellers, soloists, groups and virtual choirs, as well as

  • a puppet show on discipleship by Grace and Daniel Ayoo (Ottawa Church),
  • a “The Hubbards” cartoon by the Cudanins (Willowdale Church) on Enoch, another on the prodigal son by Kaitlyn (Ephesus Church),
  • an energetic interpretation of Creation by Little Bears Adventurers Club (Luso-Brazilian Church)
  • “Children in Mission” testimonies on service during COVID from Naomi (Bowmanville Church), SHINE Kids’ Club (Sarnia Church) and Sherise (Fairhavens Church)
  • a nature nugget by David (Sarnia Church), teaching us to follow the otter in being grateful,
  • and much more!

Overall, the session taught us, as coined by Maria McClean, Health and Prayer Ministries director—"Children are our future but also our present and our presents.”

Parents, children, leaders and supporters responded positively on and off the chat. “I'm so overjoyed! I love seeing children so bold and fearless. This is what Jesus meant when He said, leave them alone. They are the ones who make up my kingdom. Praising God for all of them,” said Sherry Grossett.

Harriett Bynoe concluded, “Let's ever lift our children up in our prayers and strive by God's grace to be worthy of being called their leaders.”


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