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Building Together: Toronto Central’s Community Celebration

Posted: August 18th, 2023

The Toronto Central Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted a heartwarming Community Guest Day on August 12, bringing together community members and dignitaries to celebrate the church's impactful service to the community. The event was intentionally designed to inspire and uplift all who attended, both in person and online.

Community Service Leader Judith Brown took the stage and reflected on the church's involvement in the community and their current project: The Toronto Central PossiBUILDity Community Centre, a 6000 square foot construction project that when complete will serve low-income, marginalized, racialized and new immigrant populations.

Highlighting the strong connections between the church and the community, local MPP Robin Martin expressed her admiration for Toronto Central's contributions. She recounted her presence at the groundbreaking ceremony for the upcoming community center, showing her personal support for the church's endeavour.

Representatives from the Toronto Police also took the stage, emphasizing the valuable partnership between the police and the church. This partnership serves as another example of the positive impact that community collaboration can have.

Heartfelt moments came from community representatives of the nearby Roselawn and Lotherton neighbourhoods. Judith Campbell, a representative for Lotherton, spoke on behalf of her community, expressing deep gratitude for the church's positive influence. "Thank you for all the good that you are doing in our community," she said.

One of the highlights of the service was the baptismal ceremony of Ms. Lee. Both dignitaries and members were inspired and supported with applause as they watched her come up out of the waters and begin a new life with Jesus.

As the service continued the youth-led praise session elevated hearts to worship God and set a beautiful tone for the congregation to enter into prayer and reflection.

Pastor Shawn Ellis, the Director of Communication and Media at Ontario Conference, delivered a powerful message titled "One Voice One Community." He drew from 2 Chronicles chapter 20, emphasizing how Jesus works with power to change lives, communities and nations when believers come together in God’s church to pray.

The message touched many hearts as the congregation came forward to receive prayer and one expressed a desire for baptism. Toronto Central’s Community Guest Day left attendees feeling blessed and excited about the future of the church's community ministry.

Learn more or donate to the Toronto Central PossiBUILDity Community Centre on their website. Also, a special behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable project will be featured in an upcoming Ontario Highlights magazine.