All..Aboard! Directors Get “Onboarded” To Begin Their Journey

Posted: June 26th, 2023

At the Ontario Conference head office in Oshawa, an "onboarding" or orientation meeting was held for new directors, setting the stage for their journey as leaders within the organization. The meeting began with President Jakov Bibulovic, who kicked things off with an inspiring devotion on leadership, setting the tone for the day. He followed up by emphasizing, "To develop strong churches we, as a leadership team, need to have strong, vibrant worship.”

To familiarize the new directors with the Conference building, Elder Kevin Benta, director of Risk Management, took the stage. To reduce the building’s overall carbon footprint, Kevin shared the Conference's sustainability goals.

The meeting continued with Lila Oliveira, the Human Resource officer. Lila brought home the importance of staying relevant to Church and community by requiring training on abuse prevention and indigenous culture. This important discussion addressed pressing issues of our modern times, promoting inclusivity and creating a safe and respectful environment for all.

Teambuilding took center stage as Executive Secretary Emile Maxi presented a meaningful session on teamwork. He encouraged the directors to uplift one another and emphasized collaboration and unity among the team.

Treasurer Virene Meikle then shared insights on the vital role of stewardship within each director's ministry. This enlightening discussion underscored the significance of responsible financial management, enabling directors to effectively serve God as faithful stewards.

The day closed with Pastor Mansfield Edwards, vice president for Evangelism and Outreach/Seniors Ministry/Indigenous Ministry, leading all the directors in a solemn moment reciting a leadership pledge. This powerful moment symbolized each director’s dedication to model their directorship, life, and service after Christ's example. Each director then signed a large, framed version of the document, showcasing their collective commitment to their calling. The document is prominently displayed in the foyer of the Ontario Conference building.