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A Blessing Beyond Borders: Refugees Embrace Fellowship at the African Adventist Camp Meeting

Posted: July 20th, 2023

With over 1000 members in attendance, the annual African Seventh-day Adventist camp meeting on July 14 and 15 was a truly grand and unforgettable event. The theme, "Empowered to Connect," was led by youth and young adults whose enthusiasm not only brought a fresh energy to the worship but brought a unique and engaging service for attendees of all ages.

A distinctive aspect of this year's camp meeting was the number of refugees participating in the services. This was particularly meaningful given the current crisis in Toronto. Dozens of refugee claimants and asylum seekers have been turned away from shelters, spending weeks sleeping on the streets. African congregations have been actively supporting their physical and spiritual needs. According to it was a special blessing to fellowship and worship with them.

As the adults gathered for spiritually enriching services, the children also had their own special Sabbath program filled with fun and valuable life lessons. During the divine service, the children's spotlight shone brightly as they shared what they had learned. It reminded everyone of the faithfulness of the young and the importance of nurturing the next generation's faith.

The camp meeting also featured two passionate speakers who left a lasting impact on attendees. Friday evening, Christelle Agboka, former communication director for the Ontario Conference, delivered a thought-provoking message via Zoom to nearly 200 people on "Social Media, the Mind, and Ministry." She shared, "Overall, it felt really good to come home virtually and see familiar faces. I’m grateful for the technology that allows us to be together even though we live in different corners of the world!" During the Sabbath sermon, Pastor Kingsley Moyo delivered a powerful message entitled "Unhealed Wounds."

Reflecting on the experiences shared during this year's camp meeting, numerous members expressed how it was a blessing and nothing short of "extraordinary." The event succeeded in connecting people deeply to the Word, uplifting them in praise and worship, and fostering genuine fellowship and compassion among all attendees. The African camp meeting, true to its theme of "Empowered to Connect," left everyone connecting like Jesus and being grateful for His blessings.