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Dear Ontario Conference Pastors, Head Elders, Clerks, and Communication Leaders: As the Province continues to move towards living with and managing COVID-19, the Ontario Conference remains committed to prayerfully considering our organization’s policies, procedures, and operations and issuing guidelines that increasingly relax restrictions while emphasizing public health and safety.

Capacity limits:

  • The Ontario Conference at this time will lift all capacity limit restrictions. However, members are to be encouraged to be mindful of physical distancing.

Meals and Social Gatherings:

  • Group meals and social gatherings may continue with no capacity restrictions, and each family bringing their own food eating in their bubble (potlucks remain suspended for just a little longer). *Guidelines specific to potlucks will be forthcoming.

Health Screening

  • Individuals should continue to screen themselves for COVID-19 before entering the premises, and anyone experiencing symptoms should not enter the premises.


  • Any person in the indoor area of the premises must wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth, nose and chin during any period when they are in an indoor space. *Further guidelines specific to mask-wearing will be forthcoming.

Other Guidance

  • Baptism and Communion - The 2nd quarter will bring relaxed restrictions in these areas; for the time being, please follow the previous guidance on these matters.
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing and Ventilation - Irrespective of COVID-19, we must maintain a high level of cleaning and sanitizing. It is equally important to remain committed to proper HVAC maintenance, the use of enhanced filters, and bringing as much fresh air into the building as possible.

While the Ontario Conference will continue not to require proof of vaccination, those worshiping in rented facilities should note that some of our Landlords may continue to mandate that all persons entering their location be immunized, including our worshipers. As we move rapidly toward the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, may we remain focused on the Light of the World and His mission, providing spiritual leadership and preparing ourselves, families and churches for His imminent return. *You may expect further guidelines by or before the end of March 2022 Blessings,
  • Mansfield Edwards (President)
  • Jakov Bibulovic (Executive Secretary)
  • Virene Meikle (Treasurer)
To read more and to view a PDF copy, please visit our COVID-19 website by clicking here.