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Taco Tuesday

Posted: April 17th, 2020

Dear Family:


I trust that you are fine. Please see below an email from our North American Division Children's Ministries Department with resources and information for you.

Also, do find attached some resources which may be helpful in your ministry.

In addition, please see the following links for colourful placemats from the TED Division


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Allan Chichester







A message from Sherri 

Hello friends!  

What a joy and honor it is to partner with you in ministry to our children! I have been awed with how creative you have been reaching families in your conference. Indeed you are
an amazing group of people all with the same passion of leading children to know, to love and to serve Jesus! 


It’s Taco Tuesday and time for some good tacos!  Hows your food pantry at home? Do you have what you need? Bob and I ordered for the first time from Instacart and it only took two
days to deliver our order! When the door bell rang, instead of running to the door, we both looked to be sure the Lysol was by the door and we had our masks and gloves! I am praying that is not our ‘new normal’ but temporary measures!


Several weeks ago Pastor Roger Wade encouraged us to read Psalms 91 for 91 days. I took up this challenge but I must admit that though I have read the whole chapter several times,
the verse that stopped me in my tracks is verse 1… I didn’t get very far.  It reads “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” I desire, I long to be in the shadow of God!  My imagination goes wild with that one
verse! What does your imagination see? Along with those wonderings I want to add one more…


I ordered Mark Batterson’s newest children’s book “Big Dreams and Powerful Prayers” and again I was stopped in my tracks on the very first page breathless with wonder! This is what
I read “Into the darkness, God spoke. He only said four little words. But those four little words had the power to create something from nothing: “Let there be light” And then came the miracle!” (I
bolded and italicized)

We are living in a crazy world right now… more crazy than usual! But God is working all around us… and then came the miracle! What are the miracles happening around you? Carry
on with what you are doing for Him and watch for the miracles!

Pastor Walter, from Church in the Valley talks about THE BEST Children Bibles! Check it out!

Check out this video "A Letter to Grandparents!" It's so good.

I Genesis History? --An interesting video!

Here are some more resources that we've shared on our website

Join Pastor Alexis Rivera, Texas Conference Children's Ministries, for a Virtual VBS Training.   She will be sharing and demonstrating Heroes VBS 2020, sending out giveaways, and
giving you access to plenty of downloads. She will also be discussing a Virtual VBS home kit. 

Sunday, April 19, 2020

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT








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