Ageless Evangelism: Celebrating Eva Fowler’s Return to Ministry

Posted: July 6th, 2023

The Leamington Seventh-day Adventist Church congregation rejoices as they welcome back Eva Fowler, aged 95, in full strength after her recovery from a fall. The members of the church praise God for her return and are delighted to see her actively participating in evangelism and worship once again.

According to Pastor Patterson of the Leamington church, “Having Eva back is truly a blessing. She is actively engaged in personally sharing the message of God's love with her neighbours through distributing tracks and hosting Bible studies in her home.”

Eva, who migrated to Canada with her family at the age of nine, began her journey of faith because of her father. He was in the first world war and had survived a small bullet wound that was miraculously deflected by a small Bible in his pocket. While recovering in hospital, he discovered the truth of the Sabbath. This led him to share the Seventh-day Adventist message with the whole family, who were then baptized into the faith.

Despite her age, Eva remains bright, energetic, and lives independently. She carries the spirit of an evangelist within her heart and loves spreading the Gospel wherever she goes. One church elder shared that Eva is thrilled to share her love for Jesus and His imminent return with everyone she encounters. If you've ever visited the Leamington Seventh-day Adventist Church, you would recognize her by the radiant smile on her face as she eagerly greets and welcomes you.

As Leamington celebrates Eva's recovery and her return to ministry, let her story inspire us. Regardless of our age or circumstances, we are all called by the Holy Spirit to share our faith and spread the Gospel. Eva's dedication and unwavering commitment to sharing the message of Jesus should ignite a fire within us all.