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When it was declared a pandemic in March, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) thrust us into an era of uncertainty and multiple crises—health, financial, relational and more. Today, with over 800 cases per day in Ontario, we find ourselves in a second wave.

In times like these, we need messages that remind us that this world is not our home, and we are called to share this good news with others. Therefore, from Nov. 7 to 14, at 7 pm, we will be hosting a virtual week of prayer, featuring various Ontario Conference pastors. Their presentations will be based on the General Conference’s week of prayer readings, themed “Reach the World: Faithfulness in Christian Lifestyle.” They will give a unique spin on the readings followed by millions of Adventists worldwide.

This week of prayer is calling us to sit at the feet of Jesus daily, allowing Him to transform our character and lifestyle so we can be more effective witnesses. Let us join in reflection and prayer as an Ontario Conference family every night. All presentations will be streamed live on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/adventistontario, as well as on this page. If you miss a day, you can still catch the replay on YouTube or in the event section below. See you there!

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This week, we want to take the time to meditate and connect with our Maker and Saviour in Jesus Christ. If you have a prayer request, kindly use the form below to submit it, and each day, the Ontario Conference Staff will be praying over all the requests that we receive. Thank You.