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Ministries Convention 2021

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Pastor, Sarnia SDA Church

Laurentiu Prelipcian

Laurentiu Prelipcian was born in one of the most beautiful places in Romania, called Bucovina. Bucovina is located in the North part of Romania near the border of Ukraine. Both of his parents came from devout Christian Orthodox families.

On the 13th day of September 2003, Laurentiu became an SDA member, and in 2004 went to the seminary. In 2008 he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Theology and 2010 the Master of Arts in Religion with Andrews University.

In 2010 Laurentiu came to Canada and in 2016 he began his ministry as a pastor in Chatham and Leamington SDA churches. Currently, he serves as a pastor in the Sarnia SDA Church.

Speaking at:
Training I

Discovering and Removing Obstacles for Church Growth

Overview: The workshop is divided into two parts:

Part 1 – Bill Bickle introduces the Biblical and theological foundation on the Natural Church Development concept and on maintaining optimal church health. (45 minutes)

Part 2 – Laurentiu Prelipcian as a pastor practitioner, shares his journey of taking his church through Health Check-up, utilizing the Natural Church Development church tool from conducting the survey to setting goals, objectives and implementing them to lead to the church's health improvement. (30 minutes)