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Ministries Convention 2021

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AMP Club Ministries Director, Ontario Conference

Edwin Martin

Pastor Edwin Martin loves the Lord Jesus and is passionate about serving Him and His Church. For 31 years now in the Gospel ministry (and 34 years as a Master Guide), he has served as a district and church pastor, Bible teacher, youth pastor, and conference associate youth director. Currently, he serves as the Adventurer, Masterguide, & Pathfinder (AMP) Club Ministries director of the Ontario Conference. Concurrently, he serves as a member of the North American Division Pathfinder and Master Guide Committees, and serves as Liaison for Pathfinder Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC).

Pastor Martin has grown in faith, learned life’s skills, and developed his leadership abilities through Club Ministries. Interestingly, because of the Master Guide Ministry, Pastor Martin met his wife, the former Crisel Orijuela. They were blessed by God with a talented and loving son, Joshua, 14 years old, who is an active member of the Durham Eagles Pathfinder Club.

Speaking at:
Training IV

AMP Club Ministries – Power Beyond Our Walls

This seminar intends to show the importance of the Adventurer, Master Guide, & Pathfinder (AMP) Club Ministries in preparing children and youth to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world. When properly utilized as discipleship programs for children and youth ages 4-18, AMP Ministries will be a powerful tool to harness the full potential of young people to enable them to become true “Servants of God and Friends to Man.” Learn how AMP can contribute to the growth of your local church. Discover new and creative ways how to sustain a mission-driven club ministry especially in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. As churches tap on this power (AMP) under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, children and youth will come alive and serve God “beyond our walls.”


Velma Morgan
Executive Coordinator, Ontario Conference Adventurer Council

Marcia Forde
Asst. Executive Coordinator, Ontario Conference Adventurer Council

Robert English
Executive Coordinator, Ontario Conference Master Guide Council

Chester Lewis
Executive Coordinator, Ontario Conference Pathfinder Council

Gloria Allen
Asst. Executive Coordinator, Ontario Conference Pathfinder Council