Camp Meeting &
Ministries Convention 2021

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Ministries Leadership Training I
(Wednesday June 30, 2021 11:00 am - 12:15 pm)

Making Family Worship Easy and Fun

Children’s Ministries

This workshop will help to make this special family time a delightful, happy, interesting time, filled with enthusiasm and anticipation so that the whole family looks forward to it each evening.


Gerry Lopez

Associate Director Children’s Ministries, North American Division
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Training II

Teaching Sexuality to Children

In this workshop we will explore the myths about sex education and discuss general principles for teaching sexuality to children at the different age levels and gender.

Training III

Nurturing Children’s Alone Time with Jesus

One of the more important things to be instilled into the lives of children is spending time alone with Jesus reading the Bible and praying each day.

Training IV

Helping Children Cope with Bullying

As we address the topic of bullying, we must begin by talking about ways to help our children develop positive relationship skills. This one thing will impact so many other aspects of their lives and the bullied as well as the bully would benefit from learning the art of relationship building.

Training V

Parenting & the Media Challenge

Today’s Children’s Ministry leaders are addressing issues and topics that those who paved the way never even dreamed of. The bombardment of technology into every aspect of our lives is a cultural change that did not enter our world until the end of the last century and it is not a passing fad.