Camp Meeting &
Ministries Convention 2021


General information about the upcoming online virtual sessions taking place June 29 - July 3, 2021

One Province, one conference, all things virtual.

Join us between June 29 - July 3 2021 and be part of the first joint virtual Personal Ministries Convention and Camp Meeting session. We have invited speakers from all around the world to share their knowledge and to fellowship with you!


What We Have Planned For You

Take a look at why we are having this virtual event and why you should attend!

Early Morning Prayer

We will be beginning each day with a prayer session to fimly establish a connection to our Heavenly Father before we launch the start of service each morning.

Inspiring Worships

Between dramatic scripture readings, wonderful presentations in song, and engaging messages from a wide variety of speakers, we know that you will leave the worship each day inspired in Jesus Christ!

Bible Study

Ministry training

A wealth of information from speakers all over the world will be avaliable to you in a interative form, helping and all to engage in a group form around a variety of topics.

Conference updates

We will have our Ontario Conference administrator on hand to deliver the latest news about the state and objectives of the Conference.


From many different locations all over the Conference, we have many beautiful renditions in song that we are excited to share with you.

...and much more!

We have so excited to offer all of this and more to you! Please stay tuned for more information to come.

Ministries Workshops

June 30 2021 AM - July 02 2021 AM | English & French Tracks
Ministries Leadership Training I

Keeping Health Ministries Creative and Relevant

Ministries Leadership Training I

From Plateau to Growth: Every Member Connecting Like Jesus: Part 1/2

Learn through a real-life ministry experience how you can develop a “every member a minister” strategy for innovative evangelism to transition your church from plateau or decline to Growth.

Ministries Leadership Training I

Connecting Jesus in the inside - Identity and Purpose

How can we find our true identity in Christ? How does the Gospel expose the lies that we have believed about ourselves? What of me does God needs to fulfill his purposes? Come to explore salvation as inner healing and how the Gospel speaks afresh to our wounded heart.

Full Workshop List   
Virtual sessions

Attend from any where via Zoom & YouTube

Due to the pandemic, all of the workshops, worship sessions and exhibits will be presented virtually, using both Zoom and YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the workshops free?

Yes, all workshops and sessions over the course of the week are absolutely free of any charge!

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Do I have to register?

This is a very good question...TBD.....

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What do I need to participate?

To participate in the workshop sessions, you must have Zoom installed on your local PC or smart device. To download, please click on the button below and you will be directed to the Zoom website.

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