School Resources and Food Bank Items stolen in Windsor Adventist Church Break-in

Pastor Junior Garcia says the suspect adjusted up to four security cameras before stealing food and electronics

Thursday, June 14, 2018/Categories: Conference News

Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church is the latest area church to experience a break-in in the last few weeks [another being Walkerville Coptic Church on Friday, May 25].

Besides hosting a number of prayer services, the Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church serves as an elementary school for around 35 children — and on Tuesdays, around 15 to 20 families come in on every week to take advantage of the church's food bank.

But much of that generosity was lost early Wednesday, June 13, when someone broke into the church through a classroom windows and stole electronics and food.

Targeted attack
One of the church's volunteers made the discovery Wednesday morning. Pastor Junior Garcia said a male suspect was caught on tape adjusting up to four security cameras.

"We have a full shot of the person doing it, but not a clear face ... They were covering their face but we have a very close-up shot."

The suspect allegedly kicked down multiple doors — including the principal's office and pastor's corridors. He even went inside the church's community food bank.

"He took quite a few things from our school — from the kids."

Garcia says items like televisions, Google Chromebook laptops, projectors and laptops are missing from the school. As for the food bank, he was unable to confirm what exactly was stolen but says it was "ransacked."

"We're waiting for our community service lady to determine what items are missing and whatnot," adding he's hopeful the food bank will open next Tuesday with the help of community support.

The school was closed to students Wednesday — one day after the break-in. Garcia said hosting kids at the moment would not be "the best atmosphere."

"If they're able to come and do this to a church, school or community centre, how sure can we be of our own home also?"

Police response
Windsor police were called to the church Wednesday morning citing a break-and-enter. Const. Andy Drouillard said there is a possibility of a connection between this break-in and similar incidents from a couple weeks ago.

"We are limited in terms of suspect information. That's why we're appealing to the public. If anyone has any information at all, we'd definitely love to hear from you," Drouillard said.

"These [incidents] are in close proximity to one another. So it's definitely concerning to us."

Garcia said time-stamps on the security footage indicate the break-in occurred Wednesday the 13th around 2 a.m.

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