Communication Leaders Encouraged to Adopt New Adventist Identity Guidelines

Thursday, November 30, 2017/Categories: Conference News

This year at the Spring Meetings—one of two annual gatherings of Adventist world leadership—top leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church voted to adopt a new global visual brand identity for all communications efforts.


The new Adventist Identity Guidelines were designed to fulfill the need for a unified strategy to present our unique message visually across continents, countries and cultures.


As the world becomes saturated with information, it is vital that the thousands of materials we produce each week convey that while the Adventist church is beautifully diverse, we are one.


Among the most significant changes in the new branding system are:


The Church Symbol

While the church symbol, or logo, of a Bible, cross and flame encircling an implied sphere will remain the same, communicators will now be able to choose a color scheme that works best for their region. Furthermore, the symbol may now exist in isolation, detached from the name of the church or entity.


 “Advent Sans” Font

Since Adventists worship Jesus in over 900 languages a week, a font was chosen that could be easily extended to hundreds of languages. This font is based on Noto Sans, a Google font. Moreover, it represents extensive modifications to the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, with recommendations made for non-Western characters.


The Creation Grid

The most critical element in the new design system is titled the “Creation Grid.” This design template is comprised of seven columns. Designers can fill the first six columns however they choose, with text, images, patterns, illustrations, logos, etc. But the seventh column, the Sabbath column, must be set apart as distinct from the other six columns. In essence, designers must do their work of communicating information in the first six columns, and celebrate the seventh day in the last column.


All Adventist communicators are encouraged to embrace the new Adventist Visual Identity Guidelines in their publications, whether they are tithe envelopes, bulletins, newsletters, billboards, apps, posters, magazines, church signs or much more—the sky is the limit!


For more information on these guidelines, including The Creation Grid, visit this website – https://identity.adventist.org/ for an introductory video.








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